Who is the UX Designer?


This video takes a fun and quirky approach to explaining who UX Designers are and what they do. Like the designers of this video, the UX Designer is committed to bringing together technology and experience to deliver an innovative product. UX Designers put their emphasis on new ideas and delivering the best experience to the user.


test your responsive site


I, despite using the CodeKit on my Mac, at work I still use windows, what disturbs me a bit, because none of the apps is as practical as CodeKit.
Considering this, at an given moment I was developing is a responsive site, I decided to make a tool, using AngularJS, to test all the resolutions at same time.

willpower responsive test
View at GitHub, or click here to see the app.

Hi, welcome


The idea of โ€‹โ€‹this blog is to put things about design and front end development..
and.. since I’m a Brazilian guy, some posts should come out in portuguese